Acro Environmental Infrastructures

A leading infrastructure company,
A leader in energy efficiency, waste to energy,
hazardous  waste treatment , recycling and wastewater treatment .

About Our Company

Over our 25 years experience we establish and lead many leading
infrastructures companies in many infrastructures fields.
Through our subsidiaries, we established more than 100 successful
and fully operational projects, some of them are world renowned.
We join many leading international companies and together
we solve some of the most complex environmental problems in Israel .

Years experience
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successful and fully operational projects
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Join ventures with leading international companies

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Introducing Our Latest Projects

You are welcome to check out our latest projects
we are making innovation in environmental infrastructures .

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לוגו וירומטל

Our Parent Comapny

The company’s main business focus is real estate and
environmental infrastructures.
Two of Virometal’s most renowned subsidiaries are
Acro Real Estate –in collaboration with Arabov Investments
founded in 2005, and Acro Environmental Infrastructures.

אקרו נדלן

Acro Real Estate

 Acro Real Estate has firmly established itself as a leading real estate developer in Israel. Acro Real Estate specializes in identifying attractive investments opportunities in areas of demand and capital gain through branding, execution, and ensuring value increase against competition.