About Us

Great experiences
build great brands

Since the foundation of Virometal, and subsequently through
Acro Environmental Infrastructures,
we began focusing on environmental protection
issues before it became “hot news”.
The company was the first to identify the entrepreneurial
potential.The first in the hazardous materials
treatment sector, the tertiary waste treatment and
the energy efficiency sectors.


Acro Environmental

Always the first to identify opportunities, to make a move and act. Later on – to introduce technological innovation or make an exit when the market becomes saturated.
Established the largest environmental facilities in Israel and globally, and solved some of the most severe environmental issues in Israel.


years of

Leading Innovation

What we do

Acro Environmental Infrastructures is one of Israel’s leading companies in the field of environmental infrastructures and a pioneer in many areas, both technological – such as MBR wastewater treatment technology

Core values

Acro Environmental Infrastructures strives to continue being a business and technology leader in Israel and overseas, supplying its customers with a total solution in the field of environmental issues.